Filming Complete. Edit Underway.

Now we're cooking with gas


Finally, the DVD portion of the project is coming together! After developing the small group material over a period of ten years, and writing, then re-writing the scripts for the DVD series over a period of two years, the filming was completed in October 2013.

Filmed over five months, all around the globe we now have hours and hours of stunning footage. November has been spent cataloguing and putting this footage into order. The edit began this month.

We have chosen to start the edit with an episode from the middle – episode 5. The reasoning behind this is to use this one as a template for the rest, and we felt that by taking episode one as the template we might find problems later one where there is more detail to be delivered.

So far so good. All the interesting parts are floating to the top. What music do we use? How much? Where? What pace do we edit the pictures at? What rhythm? And all sorts of more technical questions as well. Fun!

The great news is that much of the footage is simply breath-taking. Saturated colours. Wonderful eye for detail. This is truly going to be the big picture story of the Bible told very elegantly.

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