Important pricing changes!


A big thank you for all your feedback, both here and by email. It’s been so exciting to hear about so many lives being changed! One by one we’re receiving testimonies from pastors and group leaders of people coming to know the Lord through small groups using the Long Story Short resources.

We need to tell you that our prices will shortly be increasing. The good news is that any orders received before 30 June will be at the old prices. Please pass this on to your contacts so that everyone can get their orders in on or before next Tuesday so no one will be disappointed.

Pricing changes will be follows (all prices in US$):

Current Products Prices 10% Discount (Orders of 10-19) 20% Discount (Orders of 20+
DVD Series (4DVDs) $59.50 $53.55 $47.60
Leader’s Guide $39.50 $35.55 $31.60
Explorer’s Journal $13.50 $12.15 $10.80
Total $78.50
Starter Pack Discount Price (All the above) $67.00

Discounts apply to each individual product item only and on a per order basis.

We’ll be updating you shortly about online resources which are soon to be made available. There’s some exciting news coming up!

Finally, if you’d like to know our latest news as it happens, simply sign up to our newsletter in the sign-up line at the bottom of the page.

We’re looking forward to receiving your orders at the old prices!

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