The day has arrived!


What a huge day for Torrey, the Trust and the wider team! August 29th 2014 the launch date of Long Story Short.

The cinema is booked. The books are printed, DVDs being produced, support material designed and uploaded. All the infrastructure being put in place – websites, on-line shop, dispatch and handling facilities. For those that have been on this journey from the beginning it spans an almost twelve year period! Twelve years of dedication, careful preparation, and then testing, testing, testing, with the endless revisions that come from rigorous testing!

On August the 29th, the tip of the iceberg, the DVDs, will be played on one of the three largest digital projection cinema screens in the world – a massive 3 250 cm across!

How fitting that an evangelism tool, designed with post-modern sensitivities in mind, is launched at a picture theatre. Can’t wait to see the fruit of all this hard labour, prayer and passion played out across this giant screen!

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  1. Harrison Burt says:

    Yeow! Exciting News!!!

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